Crimped Headphone Cable? No Problem!

This tweet from a Direct Sound fan, Front of House (FOH) mixer Jason Singleton popped up recently. Jason is the Front of House Engineer for Christian artist David Phelps.

We’re glad to know that Jason loves our EX25 headphones so much! But we also want to take this opportunity to remind you that, if this ever happens to you, you can order a speaker replacement kit on our website and in a matter of minutes have a pair of headphones that sound just like new!

By the way, no other headphone company gives you the option to replace your headphone speakers (or cable!) quickly and easily, and affordably. How easy is it? Just watch this short YouTube video!

Here’s a link on our website where you can go to order your speaker replacement kit – for any pair of our growing line of Extreme Isolation Headphones!

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