When it comes to headphones for kids, research shows that parents and grandparents alike agree. In this era of portable digital devices that can play back at unhealthy volume levels, kids need an adult’s help in taking steps to protect their hearing. This to avoid developing progressive Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and untreatable Tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) down the road. Most kid headphones aren’t designed to help protect hearing.


Today, with research showing that kids are listening to music or video games at unsafe levels (above 85dB) for long periods of time, hearing loss among young adults is on a dangerous rise. YourTones Plus+ Total Hearing Protection headphones are designed to address this problem. Patented technology built into YourTones keeps playback volume to a safe maximum level of 85 decibels while providing extreme noise cancellation from outside noise. 


The sound is crisp and clear.  The construction is so rugged and durable, that even parents can’t break them! And, no batteries required. 

Yourtones Plus + Volume Limiting Total Protection Headphone

SKU: 811634000423
Available: Alpine White
  • Compatibility: All personal MP3 players, smart phones and tablets - Android and iOS
    Volume Limiting: Patented 85 dB maximum volume 
    Passive Noise Cancellation: 33.4 dB
    Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
    Cord: Premium detachable
    Weight: 8.5 oz
    Warranty: One year
    Red is Right E-Z channel identifier
    Universal padded, fully adjustable headband
    User-friendly repairability
    Foldable for easy transport
    Environmentally responsible natural passive isolation – no batteries required

    Made in the USA


    What’s in the box
    YourTones volume limiting headphone

    Premium 36" cable with patented 90 degree 3.5 mm stereo plug

  • YTP34W