Fstream allows you to turn any non bluetooth device into "Bluetooth" in seconds. Take any wired headphone, earbud, home theatre speakers, and even your automobile and stream in bluetooth at a much higher and more defined audio sound. Stream two of any audio devices in sync, at the same time with no lag. 


Utilizing the newest of technology on the market fstream will allow you and a friend to watch netflix together in any wireled headphone or any other audio device that accepts a 3.5MM stereo audio port. 


Compatibale with Android/IOS phone, pad, and all audio devices.

fstream X7

  • SPECS 

    Size 59.944 mm x 59.944 mm x 12 mm

    Battery life 10 hours

    Hands free calling/answering HIFI HPA mic

    Supports voice chat & prompt

    Power: Built-in Polymer 300MAH battery

    CSR BT chip for best performance

    Echo cancellation and ANC noise cancellation circuit

    Range up to 60 feet

    Bluetooth V4.1