Helping you focus and hear better since 2001.

It started as a hobby.

Fusing a love for music and a solid understanding of sound engineering, we wanted to create a new kind of headphone for drummers. One that would protect their hearing during long sessions. One that would provide near-total isolation without batteries.

Our first order for 24 headphones in 2001 convinced us we were right: there’s a demand in the industry, and among the public, for easy-to-use sound isolating headphones.

Headphones that keep sound out – protecting hearing and helping musicians and music lovers stay focused on the task at hand.

Headphones that keep sound in – and never bleed to microphones or nearby listeners.

Headphones that don’t require batteries, and can be repaired in the field without tools.

And headphones that deliver smooth, balanced natural sound – without emphasizing bass, treble or anything in between.

Today we’re proud to offer a full range of headphones made in the USA for musicians and home users, all built with our exclusive sound isolating design.