To be your best, you need to hear your best, day in and day out. That’s why we build the latest sound isolation technology into every pair of Direct Sound headphones.

Extreme isolation.

The unique design of Direct Sound Extreme Isolation headphone ear cups naturally isolates sound better than any other headphones on the market. Even active, noise canceling models can’t match this level of isolation.

TruSound tonal accuracy.

What you play is what you get. Our headphones don’t accentuate any frequencies. All you hear is the pure track, straight from the source.


They might look bulky at first glance, but they don’t feel that way. In minutes you’ll forget you have them on.

No bleed design.

Extreme Isolation works the other way around. Our headphones never bleed tracks into studio microphones.

Field repairable.

Every Direct Sound product is built to be repaired on-site, with no tools required.

More Features

Hearing protection.

We keep outside sound out – so you can keep the volume in your headphones lower. Saving your hearing, one decibel at a time.

Red is right.

Dim lighting? Moving fast? The right ear cup is colored red so you know in an instant how to put on your headphones.

No batteries required.

Never be caught again with non-functional or non-noise-canceling headphones.

Made in the USA.

We’re proud to design and build all of our products in
St. Louis, Missouri.

Direct Sound Studio Products:

Wireless High Precision Audio™

EXW37 Headphones

GroupSound Studio Kit

EX-25 Headphone 5-Pair Set

GroupSound Studio Kit

EX-25 Headphone 7-Pair Set

GroupSound Studio Kit

EX-29 Headphone 5-Pair Set

GroupSound Studio Kit

EX-29 Headphone 7-Pair Set

Protection for Practice

HP25 Ear Muffs

Best Isolation

EX29 Headphones

Great Isolation

EX25 Headphones