GroupSound Studio Kit EX-25 Headphone 5-Pair Set


Our GroupSound Studio Kits – color-coded to match the JamHub® systems (sold separately), give everyone in your home or professional studio a high-quality, impedance-matched pair of headphones. It means you’ll all hear music exactly the same – but no one’s track will bleed into the studio microphones.

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Price: $549.75

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Designed to work with kits, but also independently in any studio environment
Perfect for both acoustic and electronic drum kits
Identical matching headphones ensures equal monitoring
Matching color codes for easy identification
EX-25 and EX-29 headphones eliminate distracting background noise
Headphones will not bleed sound into microphones


“To put it simply, these are the best sounding isolation headphones on the market. The audio clarity is amazing and they are “extremely” comfortable to wear. Whether I’m playing a session halfway around the world, using the kit, or teaching in my home studio, Direct Sound headphones are all I rely on.”

Jim Riley, Drummer and Bandleader for Rascal Flatts

“Whether I’m in the studio as a player or producer, I can always rely on the crystal clear sound of the EX-25s. There is absolutely zero bleed. They are comfortable, durable, and I often forget I’m even wearing them after hours of recording. These headphones have taken my listening to a whole new level. These phones ROCK.”

Joe Deleault, Performer / Composer / Session Pianist

“Use the JamHub kit during rehearsals. The perfect match.”

Band Members, Fivefold