John Gresko: Extreme Passion

John Gresko

Direct Sound President John Gresko

While he was waiting to catch a plane, drummer John Gresko was contemplating a problem that had been puzzling him: how can I create a set of headphones that won’t bleed into the mic when I play?

Headphone bleed was a common problem in the recording studios in that day. Gresko was a pioneer, with a home studio and an early-era Tascam recorder. When he would record tracks in his home studio, headphone bleed was a nagging problem. Gresko was determined to find a solution.

At the airport, Gresko stared out the window to the tarmac and saw a plane technician wearing a pair of industrial-grade headphones to block out the plane noise and protect the his hearing. A light bulb went on. “Why not use that same type of headphone with high quality speakers to solve the problem of bleed in the studio?” he thought.

EX-29Back home, he went to work on his new concept. 30 years and thousands of headphones later, Direct Sound and its line of Extreme Isolation headphones is the result of Gresko’s passion, and commitment, to producing the finest isolation headphones on the planet.

Today, Direct Sound produces extreme isolation headphones for a wide range of users, including professional musicians and music enthusiasts (EX-29, EX-25, HP-25), travelers (Serenity II), kids, DJs (One42), as well as a range of accessories and repair kits.

All Direct Sound headphones are made in the U.S.A. at the company’s headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.

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