How To Replace Direct Sound Headphones Speakers in 9 Easy Steps

Headphones take a lot of abuse. Whether it’s quickly stuffing your headphones into a travel bag right before boarding a flight or being stepped on or dropped by musicians in the studio, all headphones are prone to breakage and damage. The ability to replace speakers is one that most headphone manufacturers don’t offer.

Without a doubt, one of the most common problems many headphone owners encounter is that of speaker cables being pulled out or damaged due to the cable being stepped on, rolled over or other type of accidental pull or strain.

When this happens with most headphones, it can mean one of two things: a costly repair and downtime due to sending the headphones back to the manufacturer for assessment and repair, often at a costly labor rate. More commonly, this type of damage means that the headphones get scrapped and a new pair must be bought because the cost of repair is out of line with the price of a new pair of headphones.

Watch this YouTube video to see how easy it is to replace the speakers in your Direct Sound headphones.

Direct Sound has solved this by offering the ability to replace speakers with reasonably priced, easy-to-install pre-wired speaker replacement kits for all of our headphones. Direct Sound headphones are designed to be easily repairable. Our affordable speaker replacement kits, which can be conveniently ordered on our website, can have your Direct Sound headphones sounding just like new in a matter of minutes.

In this blog, we’re going to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to turn a pair of out-of-commission headphones into a “good as new” pair in a matter of minutes, with no special tools required.

Direct Sound Speaker Replacement Blog



Step 1:
Gently pull the headband protrusions out of the ear cup rubber grommets. Do this for each side, right and left. Put the headband aside for now.




Step 2:
Pull out the rubber grommet with your fingers, where the headband attaches to the ear cup. Put the rubber grommet aside.



Direct Sound Speaker Replacement Blog



Step 3:
Step 3: Insert the ¼” adaptor plug (or use a small tool such as a pocket screwdriver) into the hole where the grommet was and push lightly. The cup should pop loose.




Step 4:
Gently pry the speaker away from the adhesive backing using a small screwdriver or your fingers.



Direct Sound Speaker Replacement Blog



Step 5:
Lightly press the new speaker into place. The adhesive will hold the new speaker in place. Red is Right, so make sure the “R” speaker is on the red cloth!




Step 6:
Inset the rubber strain relief on the cord into the small slot on the ear cup assembly after the speaker is in place.



Direct Sound Speaker Replacement Blog



Step 7:
Gently snap the cap back on. You will not need to use much pressure to snap the cap on. You will hear a slight “snap” sound when it is in place.






Step 8:
Insert the rubber grommet back into the hole where the headband will attach.



Direct Sound Speaker Replacement Blog



Step 9:
Insert the headband tips back into the rubber grommet holes. Make sure that the cable is not crimped where it comes out of the earcups.



That’s it! You’re done! In a matter of a few minutes, you now have what will sound like a brand new set of headphones, all at minimal effort and cost! You can replace speakers in Direct Sound headphones this easily.

Direct Sound pre-wired speaker replacement kits help ensure that once you buy a pair of Direct Sound headphones, they remain as good as new for many, many years. Helping ensure that the total cost of ownership remains as low as possible, and the enjoyment of high quality playback is extended for much longer than most other headphones on the market.

When you’ve bought Direct Sound headphones, you’ve bought them for life – guaranteed!