Sometimes you need to keep the outside world – out. And at Direct Sound, we believe you should never have to risk your hearing to do it.

Extreme isolation.

Keep the outside world out and focus on the task at hand – with the best passive isolation on the market.

Hearing protection.

Extreme Isolation means you can keep volume levels lower, which is easier on your ears. And YouTones have built-in volume limitations, so you don’t have to worry about kids turning up the volume too far.

No batteries required.

Direct Sound headphones work with passive isolation, so you’ll never need batteries.

More Features

Lightweight and durable.

We keep outside sound out – so you can keep the volume in your headphones lower. Saving your hearing, one decibel at a time.

Red is right.

Dim lighting? Moving fast? The right ear cup is colored red so you know in an instant how to put on your headphones.

Made in the USA.

We’re proud to design and build all of our products in
St. Louis, Missouri.

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