Direct Sound and Backstage Headphone Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this contest a success. Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

EX29-Black-1EX25-Black-QUARTER copy

Contest Winners:
Friday, May 2nd:
EX-29 Headphones: Jim B. from Clifton Park.
EX-25 Headphones: Duane A. from Indianapolis.

Saturday, May 3rd:
EX-29 Headphones: Marc E. from Doral.
EX-25 Headphones: David S. from Van Nuys.

Sunday, May 4th:
EX-29 Headphones: Lawrence W. from Richmond.
EX-25 Headphones: Randy B. from Four Oaks.

Monday, May 5th:
EX-29 Headphones: James M. from Rochester.
EX-25 Headphones: Isaac M, Jr. from Conyers.

Tuesday, May 6th:
EX-29 Headphones: Allison P. from New York.
EX-25 Headphones: Hector Daniel R. from Severna Park.

Wednesday, May 7th:
EX-29 Headphones: John O’. from Rochester.
EX-25 Headphones: Gabriel W. from St. Petersburg.

Thursday, May 8th:
EX-29 Headphones: Jeffrey D. from Grove City.
EX-25 Headphones: Brad B. from Georgetown.

Friday, May 9th:
EX-29 Headphones: Craig S. from Baltimore.
EX-25 Headphones: James G. from Bellow Falls.

Contest Rules:
Only one entry per person. Your entry will be good for the drawing on the day you enter, plus the remaining days we are running the contest. Duplicate and/or false entries will result in disqualification. Entries received before May 2nd will not count.

Winners will be chosen at random. All winners will be removed from the remaining drawings. Winners will be notified via email and have 24 hours to reply before we draw a new winner for that day.

Direct Sound Privacy Policy: We take your privacy very seriously. We will not sell or disclose any of your personal information to any third party, period. All contest entries will be used by Direct Sound to notify the contest winners and for future marketing purposes.