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Stereo Width and Audio Mastering

Using stereo widening plug-ins in audio mastering to try to expand your mix’s stereo width won’t sound natural and could cause major issues with your finished track. Having your album professionally mastered is one step you can take to make…
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Kathy Peck Interview

We recently had the chance to talk with Kathy Peck, founder and Director for H.E.A.R., Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers. Over the course of almost three decades now, Kathy and H.E.A.R. have been passionately committed to helping educate the…
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Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Not all isolation headphones are created equal. And, pardon the pun, but there’s a lot of noise out there from a lot of unqualified sources about which headphones you should buy. How do you decide? Here’s our advice: Look closely.…
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Trendwatch: Tech Companies Using Isolation Headphones

You know those ultra-cool open workspaces that are so trendy with high-tech startups and other hip companies? Turns out that for all of the camaraderie, brainstorming and “synergy” these shared work areas facilitate, they can create a pretty big problem…
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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss — The Risks Are Everywhere

Read this blog only if you or your children are ever exposed to loud noises — music, movies, television, loud household appliances, heavy city traffic, sirens. Otherwise, this probably doesn’t affect you. Good. You’re still here. We thought you would still…
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