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Extreme Boundaries, Extreme Isolation

Drummer and Direct Sound endorsee Acacio Carvalho is a growing force in the music industry. From his self-made musical creations to session and production works, each part of Carvalho’s musical resume  has a unique and energetic stamp. Always leaning towards the unconventional,…
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Musicians: Are You At Risk For Hearing Loss?

Musicians, Don’t Let Tinnitus Threaten Your Career Headphones Designed by A Drummer to Protect Musicians’ Hearing Tinnitus, or the “ringing in the ears” perception of phantom external noise that isn’t actually there, afflicts more than 45 million Americans, according to…
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Direct Sound Serenity II Travel Headphones

Travelers: Just Tune Out the Noise Road warriors know there’s plenty to dislike about air travel. They also know that most parts of it, like the crawling security line and the ever-shrinking acceptable carry-on, you’re just stuck with. One small victory for…
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e.a.r.Pods Noise Limiting Headphones

Using Volume-Limiting Headphones Can Protect Your Kid’s Hearing As a parent, you want to protect your kids from everything. We know. We’re parents too. So we wanted to tell you about a potential health risk facing your children that you…
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Smart Listening, and Learning

3 Great Educational Apps for Your Kids As a designer of isolation headphone solutions for the digital age, we at Direct Sound spend a lot of time playing around with smartphones, tablets and computers. We’re also parents, so we try to…
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