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No Hype: EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

“I’ve never liked the sound of Beats headphones because they hype up the bass,” says legendary drummer Ndugu Chancler, when asked about mixing with headphones. Ndugu has recorded with the likes of Michael Jackson (playing drums on “Thriller” and the megabit…
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Charles Collins: The Sound and Beat of Philadelphia

When it comes to hit factories, one cannot overlook the influence of Sigma Studios, ground zero for the influential wave of hits that became synonymous with the phrase “The Sound of Philadelphia.” It was at Sigma Studios where legendary records…
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Direct Sound Artist Interview: Mimi Fox

We recently had the chance to talk with jazz guitarist and Direct Sound EX-29 user Mimi Fox. In this wide ranging interview, Mimi talks about playing with rock guitarists at the recent Paul Gilbert Great Guitar Escape, her love for…
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The Indie Artist’s Guide to Gigging: Booking Strategies

One day, perhaps you’ll be touring as an indie or signed artist – getting on a bus while a tour manager handles logistics, accommodations, and meals. Disk Maker’s guide to gigging focuses on getting your indie band on the road,…
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Artist Toolbox: Free Music Promotion Strategies

Creative, free music promotion tactics can be just as effective as your musical creativity when it comes to success as an independent musician. Independent music artists typically have a lot going for them, including creativity, passion, and dedication to their…
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