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An Interview With Direct Sound CEO Steve Rois

Direct Sound: Talk a little bit about the theory behind isolation, and the no hype design of the Direct Sound headphones. Steve: Isolation and high quality audio has been Direct Sound’s legacy since our start almost 20 years ago. Some…
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Direct Sound #NoHype Isolation Headphones

Direct Sound, makers of Extreme Isolation Headphones for professional recording and live performance, has introduced its NoHype campaign. The campaign and tagline builds on an important question for professional and enthusiast musicians alike — “When is fashion not fashionable?” The…
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Audio Inside, and In Depth

You don’t have to be an audiophile to understand a few key concepts about what makes audio sound good, or bad. This blog outlines a brief description of some of the key terms and concepts in understanding the differences between…
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Acoustic Principles: Understanding How Sound Travels

Acoustic principles – understanding how sound travels – can make a big difference in creating great recordings. There are two main measurable elements of a sound wave: frequency and amplitude. Frequency refers to the rate of forward and backward movement…
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