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Direct Sound and Ric Fierabracci

Direct Sound Artist Profile: Ric Fierabracci We recently caught up with bassist and Direct Sound endorsee Ric Fierabracci, on a break from his busy touring schedule with Billy Cobham and Tizer. In this interview, Ric talks about his career, his solo…
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A Colorful Way To Protect Your Child’s Hearing

Who says that fashionable can’t also be practical? Our colorful e.a.r.PODs are a perfect example of a great blend of fashion and function. Kids love e.a.r.PODs because they’re colorful and cool looking. Parents love them because they limit playback levels…
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Peace and Quiet for Travelers — Serenity II Headphones

For anyone who still does not believe the hassles of travel can bring out the worst in even the most genteel of travelers, consider the KneeDefender. For less than $25, a pair of portable KneeDefender clips can be used to…
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Made in America

Question: What do these things all have in common? a football, candy, lightbulb, aviator sunglasses, flashlight and peanut butter? Answer: All of these product categories include a group of American companies committed to a “made in the U.S.A.” approach to manufacturing. From Wilson footballs…
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Set Yourself Apart With Direct Sound EX-25 Headphones

One of the biggest, and most common challenges, in the recording studio is audio bleed. defines audio bleed as “…sound transfer, usually undesirable and often hard to control, as in sound from one instrument being picked up by a microphone…
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