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Benjamin Wright Chooses Direct Sound EX-29 Headphones

Where does a pop legend turn when he needs isolation headphones for a major string date? To Direct Sound EX-29s, of course! Recently, legendary pop icon and Grammy Award winner Benjamin Wright, whose credits include producer, music arranger, composer, writer, conductor,…
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Paul Gilbert Hits the Road, Tours Europe, Russia

Paul Gilbert fans in Europe, Israel and Russia are in for a big treat. The superstar guitarist is in the midst of an international tour in support of his new album, “I Can Destroy.” Over the course of the tour, Paul…
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Direct Sound Artist Profile: Roger Leopardi

We recently had the chance to talk with Los Angeles-based voice actor Roger Leopardi. Roger is one of the busiest voiceover personalities in the business. You may have heard his work on promo spots for ABC or in commercials for…
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Thinking Inside The Box: Compact Headphones

Visit the headphone section of any music or retail store today and you’ll see lots of boxes of headphones on the racks for sale. One thing you’ll notice right off is how BIG some of these headphone boxes are. Why…
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Creative Strategies to Keep Your Songwriting Flowing

Sometimes you may need a prompt or a process to keep the creative juices flowing and get your critical mind out of the way. Here are three strategies to get your songwriting on track. Human beings have been writing down…
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