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Direct Sound — The Professional’s Choice

Where would hit makers be today without headphones? Often overlooked in the list of recording “essentials,” it’s hard to imagine how many hit records in the modern era could have been made without the use of headphones. And this is…
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The Difference Between Loudness, Volume and Gain

Sometimes “useful” is better than “precise,” though it is helpful to know what the differences are between technical terms in the recording studio –even if you do misuse terms like loudness, volume and gain on a regular basis. The terms…
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Music Production Basics: Audio Compression and Panning

Understanding the functions of audio compression and panning are part of music production basics and will help you in the recording and mixing phases of your project. What is audio compression? The word compression has a number of meanings in…
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Direct Sound Artist Profile: Bobby Messano

Blues Hall of Fame inductee Bobby Messano has built an impressive career in the studio and on the stage. His recent CD, 2015s “Love and Money,” reached the top spot on Billboard’s Blues Chart. This Direct Sound Artist Profile video…
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Five Ways to Avoid Ear Fatigue

Ear fatigue is one of those ambiguous conditions that can occur while recording – and more likely during mix down –that you may not even recognize is happening until after the fact. You’re in the studio, you think you’ve nailed…
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