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The Industry: A Look at Musicians, Songwriters, and Engineers

People who make up the music industry can be divided into five basic categories: musicians, songwriters, engineers, artists, and producers. In this post we’ll look at the first three — musicians, songwriter and engineers. Musicians The people in the music…
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Direct Sound on the Road – GearFest and NAMM

June has been a busy month for Direct Sound, with exhibits at two of the industry’s most popular events — Sweetwater’s GearFest and the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. Each spring for the past 14 years, the music world has…
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Travel on the Cheap: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Many Direct Sound headphone users are road warriors, including professional musicians who spend much of the year on tour, businesspeople who’ve logged 10 zillion frequent flyer miles and adventurers trekking the globe for new experiences. All very different types of travelers, but…
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This Drummer Is at the Right Gig – Steve Moore Interview

YouTube has created lots of one-hit wonders and overnight sensations. Drummer Steve Moore is not one of them. Sure, the video of his over-the-top playing with Rick K. and the Allnighters, captured by an audience member at one of the…
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What Type of Headphones Are Best for Travel?

Which is better — isolation headphones or noise canceling headphones? We hear this question all the time. In this post, we’ll try to unravel some of the confusion around both types of headphones. With summer travel just now kicking into gear, you’ll…
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