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Emilio Garcia Trio and Direct Sound

Check out this amazing new music video on YouTube from the Emilio Garcia Trio. Both Garcia (guitar) and drummer Felipe Candia wear the Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation headphones in the video. Garcia is a house musician at the respected Chroma Ltd.…
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Extreme Jazz: David Calarco

Drummer and Direct Sound endorsee David Calarco was recently described by Modern Drummer Magazine as “…one of the hottest acoustic jazz drummers around today.” Calarco, who is endorsed by companies such as Sabian, Mapex and Vic Firth, uses Direct Sound EX-29s…
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John Gresko: Extreme Passion

While he was waiting to catch a plane, drummer John Gresko was contemplating a problem that had been puzzling him: how can I create a set of headphones that won’t bleed into the mic when I play? Headphone bleed was…
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Extreme Destination: Africa

Our quest for extremes — (as the company who makes Extreme Isolation headphones such as the Serenity II travel headphones — has led us to explore Africa in this blog post. We’ll give you a sample taste of what the ultimate trip to…
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Tony Succar Featured on PBS Special

On Friday, October 9th, at 9:00 p.m. ET, Miami-based Latin percussionist and bandleader and Direct Sound headphones endorsee Tony Succar will realize another milestone in his exciting ride from local sensation to national acclaim based on his certified hit, Unity…
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