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Why Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) Really Matters

In a recent post to a popular forum, a user asked a question about which pair of headphones has a better Noise Reduction Rating, or NRR — Bose’s QC25 or Direct Sound’s EX-29.               This question highlights…
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Kathy Peck Interview

We recently had the chance to talk with Kathy Peck, founder and Director for H.E.A.R., Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers. Over the course of almost three decades now, Kathy and H.E.A.R. have been passionately committed to helping educate the…
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Widen Your Home Studio Mix With Complementary EQ

A quality recording begins with good tones going to tape, but here’s a trick to use complementary EQ to add presence and enhance your home studio audio mix. EQ is such a powerful tool for carving out the right spots…
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Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez Sam Ash Clinic

Direct Sound was excited to be a sponsor for Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez’s recent “Drums and Percussion for Everyone” clinic held at the Sam Ash store in the heart of Hollywood, California. The clinic featured Ed Roscetti and Maria…
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Jim Riley Performs at Nevada PAS Event

Rascal Flatts drummer and Direct Sound endorsee Jim Riley participated in the recent Day of Percussion for the Nevada chapter of PAS (Percussive Arts Society). The event featured a drum set clinic with the multi-talented drummer, who is also musical…
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