Direct Sound Extreme Isolation headphones offer the best sound isolation, wherever you go, whether you’re trying to keep sound in or out. No batteries required.

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Serious isolation for musicians.

Our headphones were invented by a studio drummer. So we know what you need to perform. Clear, accurate sound, so you hear music as it’s intended. Near total isolation, so you don’t hear anything else. And comfort, so you can play all day long.

Learn more about Direct Sound Extreme Isolation.

Hearing protection you want to wear.

Protect your hearing with Direct Sound headphones by keeping outside noise out – so you can keep the volume lower. All without batteries. For clean, clear sound and hearing, day after day.

Learn how Direct Sound helps you hear better, longer.

For people who love music.

Isolation so complete, it can only be called extreme. Our headphones aren’t just for performing. And they’re not just for listening, either. They’re for experiencing your music in a whole new way, where everything else just fades away.

Get closer to your music with Direct Sound.

Direct Sound Blog

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June has been a busy month for Direct Sound, with exhibits at two of the industry’s most popular events — Sweetwater’s GearFest and the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. Each spring for the past 14 years, the music world has…
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Travel on the Cheap: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Many Direct Sound headphone users are road warriors, including professional musicians who spend much of the year on tour, businesspeople who’ve logged 10 zillion frequent flyer miles and adventurers trekking the globe for new experiences. All very different types of travelers, but…
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